Make Money No Worries…

I’ve been trying to find ways to make money on the internet and have discovered that there are no quick ways to make a buttload of cash without significant investment. Also, there are sites that will make it appear you can make a significant income on a daily basis, but they are either scam sites or they will make you wait an inordinant amount of time to receive your withdrawal which is generally 4 or 5 figures. You may think, why not simply wait? Well, it’s better to just move on then stay in limbo waiting for your payment. Also, a lot of these sites will offer users to upgrade for what would seem like a reasonable amount, but you may as well take that money and flush it down the toilet instead because you’ll never see it again.

I have discovered there are a number of sites that won’t allow you to quit your day job, but they will give you a little added income in the short term to fill the gaps in your budget. In the long term, some of them can become significant sources of income. These sites I’m referring to are called PTC sites. PTC sites are “paid to click” sites where the user performs a variety of tasks to earn money. Tasks can include clicking advertisements, watching videos, playing games, and more. There are also survey sites that can supplement PTC sites where the user can get paid for completing surveys.

The way you can make signicant long term income using these sites is through referrals. This is when the user refers someone to a particular site and earns a percentage of the referral’s income. Many PTC sites offer referral rentals. If the user rents referrals, they would earn money for the period of time they hold the referral. For example, typically 1 referral rental is $0.20 for 30 days and the amount received for each click is $0.005. If a user rents 3 referrals, that would be a payment of $0.60. Let’s say Referral A got a total of 55 clicks; the amount received would be $0.275. Now Referral B got a total of 48 clicks; the amount received would be $0.24. Finally, Referral C got a total of 45 clicks; the amount received would be $0.225. A + B + C = $0.275 + 0.24 + 0.225 = $0.74. So there would be a $0.14 profit, $0.74 – 0.60 = $0.14, which would be excellent when you think about the potential earnings if 100 or 1000 times more was invested. As I stated earlier, there’s no quick way to earn a lot of money online without a significant investment.